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Advanced search

To combine search terms
To refine your search
To browse a list of index entries

Use this screen to structure your search for material. If you are new to the catalogue you may want to carry out a standard search.

To combine search terms
1.  Choose what to search. You can choose to search using the terms described on the standard search screen.
2. Enter your first search term.
3. Set the And/Or field to Or to supply an alternative search term that may be included in the results - example.
Set the And/Or field to And to supply an additional search term that must be included in the results - example.
If several words are entered in the same field then the system puts And between them automatically.
4. Choose what to search
5. Enter the second search term in the second search box.
6. Click the Search button.
The screen displays matching material. If required you can refine your search to:
  • Limit your search to a particular collection.
  • Only display material published in a particular year or date range.
  • Only display material published in a particular language.
  • Limit your search to a particular format of material e.g. videos, cds.
7. Click on the title to view more details about the material.
Systems Or Analysis will return material which have either the word "Systems" or the word "Analysis" in or both terms in.
Systems And Analysis will return material which has both the words "Systems" and "Analysis" in.
Note: Standard search automatically includes And between the search terms.

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To refine your search
  • Enter your search terms (described above).
  • The library has various collections which group together similar types of material e.g. journals. To limit your search to only include material from within a specific collection, select the Catalogue for that collection. You can choose more than one collection by holding down the Ctrl key and then click on any additional Catalogue you wish to be searched.
  • To limit your search to only material published in a specific year, click the Dates drop down button and select a date or date range from the list provided.
    Alternatively you can enter any publication date of interest in the specific year field. 
    Dates should be entered in the format YYYY or YY. (e.g 1998 or 98)
    You can enter date ranges in the format YYYY-YYYY or YY-YY. (e.g 1995-2001 or 95-01)
  • If you are only interested in material written in a particular language, select a Language from the drop down list.
    If you do not select a language then the search will retrieve material written in any language.
  • To find material in a specific format click the Format drop down button and select the format of interest. e.g. video.
  • If you are interested in a particular piece of music which has an Opus number assigned to it then include the number in the Opus field. (e.g If the opus number is op.68 just enter 68.)

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To browse a list of keyword index entries
1. On the Browse a list form set list to browse equal to keyword.
2. Enter the search term you are interested in.
3. Click the Search button.
In the left hand panel, the screen displays the closest match to your search term, with similar entries below it. 
In the right hand panel the references associated with the highlighted index entry are displayed. 
Both lists can be scrolled through using the Next and Previous links or icons.
4. Click the index entry you are interested in to see details of the references in the right hand panel.
Browsing a list allows you to look through the index for entries which might be of interest to you. 
(Hint: this is a bit like looking through the index at the back of a book.)

You can also browse the author, title, subject, classification and number indexes.
If you are having trouble finding material of interest looking at the index can be helpful. 

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